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Garland's Fitness Accountability Coaching


Finally! It's your turn to get active and healthy even if you have ZERO motivation!

Flexible Workout Options

Remove any excuses. Stay active and healthy in the gym or from the comfort of your home. Get real time coaching. We are not a one size fits all program. Workouts can be appropriately adjusted to accommodate your fitness level.  

High Level Accountability

Need extra accountability getting off the couch? Build the healthy lifestyle habit you want to have but need extra support actually doing..



Looking to lose the weight and not find it again? Learn to eat foods that support your goals and enjoy the foods you love as well.

Will This Work For Me? Absolutely!

“I have so much more energy now... I've grown more confident in myself in all aspects of my life. I lost weight while gaining lean muscle, and I love the way I feel from exercising and eating better.”

Cassie R.

“My wife and I joined 3Q Fitness...starting was quite a challenge, and they have met all our needs time and time again. The physical changes we have seen are astounding - we can chase our kids without getting winded and we have lost nearly 80 pounds...”

Eric B.

Love the coaches at Crossfit Galand. ¨I can't¨ is not an option. There have been several days I thought i wouldnt be able to finish the workout but with the encouragement of the coaches and others in the class I finished. Can't say enough about the positive atmosphere. I came in a cranky mood and left feeling so much better.

Karrie J.

“ After completing the Challenge, I was amazed at the changes:

- Down 9 pounds

- I don't wake up with my feet and knees hurting...

- 10 years of back pain caused by poor health is non-existent

- I have more energy that I've had in years

- My clothes actually FIT AGAIN!!!”

John R.

"3Q Fitness is the best gym I've been a member of. They have an awesome atmosphere. I always felt like I belonged and never out of place. I was in the challenge and saw changes that made me want to keep going. If it wasn't for the communication and motivation that the coaches gave me I probably would have given up. But the coaches made sure I was eating right, working out properly and coming to classes. 

Bailey L.

"It sometimes isn't fun, some days it can suck, but I am seeing progress that I'm never going to get on my own. Robert and coaches are knowledgeable, concerned about form and safety, and can modify any exercise to accommodate your ability. If you're motivated to get in better shape, i can't think of a better place to go."

Dan B.

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